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Unique Uses (And Dangers) for a Pressure Washer

Unique pressure washing uses

When we say that we can help with any of your exterior cleaning needs, we mean it! We have a variety of pressure washing services listed on our site, but we’ve also tackled some very unique jobs, too. Nothing is outside of our scope of work, and we’d love to tackle your challenging project. Here are four unique uses for a pressure washer.

Stripping Paint

Maybe you have painted wood or vinyl on the outside of your home. Maybe you have a painted fence you want to repaint. Instead of painting over the existing color, strip the paint first and make sure the surface is free of dirt and debris. Professional pressure washers can use the precise water pressure needed to strip away paint without harming your exterior surfaces.

The bonus is that we also remove dirt and grime that would otherwise be trapped by a fresh coat of paint. Once we strip away previous paint, allow the surface to dry completely before repainting. But don’t wait too long! It’s important to repaint while the surface is freshly cleaned before dirt and debris have a chance to set in again.

Cleaning Garage Floors

If you park your cars inside your garage, the concrete may have oil and grease stains. A special combination of chemicals, scrubbers, and water spray can blast away oil and grime so your garage floors look as good as new. You might want to clean your garage floor if you plan on closing it in to make a room; or if you plan on selling your house. A completely clean garage floor can make a great impression on potential buyers.

Once you clean your garage floor, you may consider sealing it to prevent future concrete stains. For best results, use a paint roller to apply the sealant. Begin in the middle of your garage floor and work your way out to the edges. Don’t walk on it or park your cars for at least 24 hours so the seal has plenty of time to dry and set.

Pressure Wash Your Vehicles

Pressure washers are great for blasting away dirt debris that sets into your car. From dead bugs to tree sap and everything in between, a good pressure wash can get your car looking as good as new again. Our special tools allow us to get into cracks and crevices where gunk likes to hide. Plus, we can pressure wash the floor liners in your car and even under the hood. Keeping your engine clean is a great way to keep your car running like new.

Pressure Wash Outdoor Items

Pressure washers are great for things like garbage cans and outdoor grills. Over time, the inside of your garbage cans collects moisture and loose trash, leaving behind an unpleasant smell. Trash cans are often too deep to reach with a scrubber, but pressure washers can get the job done. We can blast away food and stains so your trashcans don’t smell anymore.

We can also degrease your grill without you spending hours scrubbing away at burned-on food. Our team can apply special cleaners to loosen grime and then spray it away so your grill looks and works like new again.

Pressure Washing Can Be Dangerous When Not Completed By A Professional

There are many things that a piece of pressure washing equipment can do - but you need to be extremely careful when you try to DIY with a pressure washer. The wrong pressure and clean solutions can cause damage to your property. When not treated with respect, the extremely high levels of pressure that this sort of cleaning equipment can produce can cause serious bodily harm.

When it comes down to it, a professional pressure washing company is usually the right choice for just about any exterior cleaning job.No matter what service you need - house washing, roof cleaning, and anything in between - our team can help!

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