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Louisville's Most Trusted Pressure Washing Company!

You need pressure washing for your home or business, and we offer the personal service you deserve in Louisville and the surrounding areas. Our only focus at Eastpoint Exterior Cleaning is to leave you completely satisfied with our pressure washing results.

We’ve received many glowing reviews, and we'd love to have yours, too. Our founder, Josh Beavers, started Eastpoint Exterior Cleaning with more than 12 years of experience in the industry.

“Our business is only as strong as our customers and we value the time it takes to build that trust. Since we're a small business we can dedicate more time to in-person quoting and walking the property with each customer to make sure every little detail is covered.”

It’s our mission to restore the beautiful look of your home and the community. We do this through extensive research, training, and building a trusting relationship with each of our customers.

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Cities We Service

Our pressure washing services aren’t limited to Louisville.

We serve the entire North Central Kentucky region, including:

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Complete washing services

Complete Washing Services

From roof washing to gutter brightening, our team completes any project big or small. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to pressure washing. We know that your home is made up of a unique variety of materials from top to bottom. No two jobs are ever the same, and our approach is always tailored to your specific needs.

When we review your project, we listen to your concerns, assess your home’s exterior, and offer a professional recommendation. We spend time on the details because we know that the details truly matter. You don't just want to clean your home’s exterior, you want it to shine like new again.

If we identify any concerning areas around your home, we will ask questions before beginning the project. No matter how big or small your pressure washing needs, we are here to help. Give us a call to get started. We are ready to show you why we have the best pressure washer services in North Central Kentucky.

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Our Work

Expert Concrete Cleaning in Louisville, KY

Expert Concrete Cleaning in Louisville, KY

One of my best friends from high school text me needing his House Washed and Concrete Cleaned. He has a beautiful home but a lot of foliage which causes to stain the concrete and house fairly easily. We softwashed and surface cleaned the entire area to […]

Bleacher Cleaning in Louisville, KY

Bleacher Cleaning in Louisville, KY

The Western Warriors Baseball Team needed their Bleachers cleaned before Opening Day -- we took care of that :) We pre and post treated these bleachers to remove years and years of build up that had baked on the aluminum. Commercial Pressure Washing Location: Louisville, KY […]

House Washing in Middletown, KY

House Washing in Middletown, KY

This customer had some bad algae stains from years of build up. They decided to revamp the exterior of their home and needed a fresh House Wash to start! Location: Middletown, KY Services: House Washing […]


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Some surfaces can withstand a high-powered spray and need the extra pressure to achieve a deep clean. Other surfaces can easily sustain damage under too much pressure. We’re here to help you clean and care for your surfaces without causing any damage. We can use a variety of chemicals to loosen dirt and stains before pressure washing.

We treat and wash each surface individually with the right cleaners and water pressure. We know that sometimes it takes time and patience to safely clean a surface the right way. We can treat a surface once and get out surface grime, then treat it again to get the really tough set-in stains.

Most of the time, yes. We do need to use cleaners like bleach for some really tough pressure washing jobs. However, we handle all of our chemicals with the utmost care. We are very transparent about how we plan to clean around your home. Our team will talk to you in detail about our methods and cleaners to ensure they align with your expectations.

Maybe you have outdoor plants and decor that you don’t want to be affected by chemicals and water. You can put them away during our pressure washing treatment or we can cover them with plastic. If you have concerns about a particular chemical, we can try a different method, although the results may vary. Our team has seen it all and cleaned it all. We’re ready to tackle a challenge!

Water pressure can range from 1,300 to 3,100 pounds per square inch (PSI). Do you know which surfaces require which water pressure? The answer is likely no. Sure, you can do a quick search online and figure it out, but why spend your valuable time researching and washing? We have top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience. We can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and right the first time.

If you try to tackle the job yourself, it can take longer. You also run the risk of using the wrong water pressure and damaging surfaces around your home. What happens if you knock a gutter loose or damaged wood siding? Your relatively simple pressure washing job can turn into a much bigger – and more expensive – project. Plus, we have chemical treatments that can protect your home surfaces from future stains so your results last longer.

Once or twice per year is usually enough for the average home or business. When you maintain pressure washing results regularly, you prevent those tough, set-in stains. It’s easy to keep your house looking new with a regularly scheduled pressure washing service. Our team can help by putting reminders on the calendar to reach out and schedule your next service.

You can wait longer between pressure washing, but there’s always a chance that dirt and grime can damage your home exterior. When you keep your home clean, you’re investing in your exterior materials by preventing long-term wear and tear. Plus, regular service gives us a chance to assess your home’s exterior regularly and look for areas of concern that may need to be addressed.

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