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Prospect pressure washing

Calling all homeowners and business owners in Prospect, Kentucky! It’s time to schedule pressure washing services for your home exterior. There is no better time to partner with a professional pressure washer to help with your exterior cleaning needs. We’re confident that we can help because we are the best pressure washing team in Prospect and the greater North Central Kentucky area.

Is your home or business in Prospect, Kentucky in need of pressure washing?

We want to help, and we’re sure that we’re the right team for you. Our team is professionally trained, and they understand that each job and location is unique. We take all factors into consideration when making a pressure washing recommendation for your home or business.

Pressure Washing Versus Soft Washing For Prospect Properties

If you have really tough, set-in stains, we may recommend soft washing, which is slightly different from pressure washing. Soft washing employs the use of cleaners, soaps, and bleach. These can help to loosen up dirt and stains, making them easier to rise away. The specialized chemicals are safe for use and can even prevent future stains and mold from setting in again. We like to say that we work smarter, not harder.

Prospect Roof Cleaning Services

And pressure washing isn’t limited to your siding and driveways. Pressure washing your roof is equally important. After all, your roof acts as your home or business’s first defense against debris and weather conditions. It’s important to make sure it stays in peak condition so it lasts for many years to come. And it doesn’t hurt that it will also look great, too.

As a top-rated pressure washing company in Prospect, Kentucky, we can take care of your roof and gutter cleaning needs with ease. Just water and pressure – that’s all. But it will have your roof looking as good as new without showing signs of wear and tear. Our on-site reviews cost nothing. Plus, the team at Eastpoint Exterior Cleaning in Prospect invests in the best equipment. And we keep it well-maintained between jobs. We’re not just a friend from down the street that's offering to pressure wash. We have specialized training.

Give Us a Call Today

Superior customer service and superior results – that’s what we stand for. Our goal is to stand out from the competition by living up to your high expectations. Your job will always be 100% complete the first time. So, if you’re a Prospect, Kentucky resident, or business owner, it’s time to give us a call. We can also help with gutter cleaning and other exterior service needs you have.

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