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Thorough Graffiti Removal For Restore Louisville Exteriors

Graffiti removal

Is graffiti a problem around your Louisville home or business? If so, we can help remove unwanted spray paint and designs that make your exterior look dingy and vandalized. You want your home exterior to look inviting, and pressure washing is a great way to maintain your investment. Let our team give it a little TLC to get rid of unwanted graffiti.

Spray Paint Clean Up

Need pressure washing for Louisville graffiti cleanup? You’re in the right place!

You’re already frustrated by unwanted graffiti, don’t feel more frustrated about the time it costs you to scrub it off. Instead, our professional pressure washing team can ensure that your home looks as good as new. In fact, it will look even better than before your home got tagged with spray paint.

Sure, you can do the pressure washing or cleaning yourself, but when you hire a professional, you save yourself the headache. After all, graffiti removal isn’t as simple as spraying the surface until it’s clean. Your walls and concrete may also have a mix of mold, algae, bird droppings, and set-in dirt that calls for special techniques.

We want to assess the surfaces around your home that got tagged with spray paint. Graffiti is easier to clean off of some surfaces than others. For example, wood is more porous than concrete and is also easier to damage with strong water pressure. Our team of top-rated Louisville fence washing professionals can assess the damage on each surface and use the proper technique for each one.

We will also carefully cover any plants, flowers, and shrubbery that you don’t want to be damaged by chemicals, paint, and water. This ensures that we clean up your home exterior without causing any harm. After all, you’ve suffered enough by having your home or business tagged with graffiti. The last thing you need is additional damage to your property.

First, we treat the surface tagged with graffiti to loosen the spray paint and make it easier to remove. After that, we spray the area down with the correct water pressure. If you have multiple surfaces tagged, we can adjust our methodology for each one. We also have tools like rotating scrub brushes to get into crevices and ensure there is no trace of graffiti left.

If you worry about future graffiti and tagging, we can treat your exterior surfaces with a protectant to prevent future damage. This makes it easier to remove dirt, grime, and even spray paint when we pressure wash again. The protective layer prevents substances from seeping into your home’s exterior surfaces and getting trapped.

Your Home Can Look as Good as New

Ready to say goodbye to graffiti tags around your property? Our team is ready to help. And our services aren’t limited to graffiti removal. We can tackle all your pressure washing jobs – big and small. This includes driveway washing and other similar needs. When you partner with our team of top-rated Louisville pressure washers, you know you’ll have amazing results. We’d love to meet with you for a free consultation.

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